Proper dancewear and footwear is required for all classes. Dancers may wear any color of leotard and tights. Dance pants and fitted dance tops are also acceptable. No school clothes please!! The teachers must be able to see a dancer’s body alignment to make necessary corrections.

If you are enrolled in teen or advanced ballet, you must wear a leotard and tights. You may wear dance shorts or a ballet skirt over your leotard. Please have hair pulled back into a bun.

For hip hop, cheer and musical theater classes, students may wear shorts and a t-shirt along with athletic shoes.

Shoe Requirements


Preschool through 6th Grade

  • Pink Ballet Shoes
  • Black Tap Shoes
  • Tan Jazz Shoes (1st grade – 6th grade)

7th Grade and Up

  •  Tan Jazz Shoes *
  •  Black Tap Shoes
  • Pink Ballet Shoes (if they are enrolled in a separate ballet class)

*7th Grade and Up will start the year wearing tan jazz shoes for both lyrical and jazz.

Company - (shoe requirements subject to change for individual companies)

 Petite Company:
-pink ballet shoes
-tan mary jane tap shoes
-tan jazz shoes

Mini Company:
-pink ballet shoes
-tan mary jane tap shoes
-tan jazz shoes 

Junior Company:
-tan jazz shoes
-black tap shoes

Teen Company: 

-tan jazz shoes 

-black tap shoes 

Senior Company:
-tan jazz shoes
-black tap shoes

Hip Hop, Cheer, and Musical Theater

For hip hop, cheer, and musical theater classes, students may wear shorts and a t-shirt along with athletic shoes. 



As some of you know, we have used shoes for sale at the studio as a convenience.  As the studio has grown, so has the number of shoes that we are asked to sell.  

If you have used shoes to sell, please bring them into the studio in a gallon-sized ziplock baggie.  Please place your DANCER’s name on the bag and how much you would like to sell them for (for consistency’s sake we encourage you to sell them for either $5 or $10 depending on the condition).  If you know the size of the shoes, it helps to put that on the bag as well.  You can then put the shoes in the appropriate bin for sale.

Once shoes are sold, we will credit whatever money is earned directly to your account.  Please make all checks for USED shoes payable to “OTM Dance” and put whichever dancer's name is on the bag in the memo area with "Used Shoes".  If you combine your used shoe payment with any other payment to OTM, please make sure that it is CLEARLY written down somewhere so we can make the appropriate credit.

Please remember that, although we’ve never had any real issues with shoes disappearing, these shoe sales are based on the honor system.  OTM will do our best to make sure your shoes get sold and credited to your account, but we cannot be responsible for your shoes once they are in the "sell" bin.  Also, please note that we have a variety of sizes, styles, and brands of shoes which means there are a variety of fits.  It is important for you to look through and try on the shoes to make sure the ones you get fit your dancer.

DownPatt will still be selling new shoes as well and have sizing kits available for your use.  Please make all checks for NEW shoes payable to “DOWNPATT”.

 If you have shoes that fit now, but aren’t the right color, it’s fine to start the year in whatever you have, as long as you have the right shoes for competition and/or recital!!!